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Auto Salvage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We have been known to pay top dollar for your unsightly vehicles that block your driveway. From rusted down vehicles to totaled cars, Warrington Tire has you covered. The amount of cash we pay depends on the type of vehicle.
Cash on Delivery - Fdplacement Services in Pittsburgh, PA
Determining how much your car is worth will take less than 3 minutes. The fastest way to receive a quote is to call the office and a vehicle evaluation specialist can review with you the condition of your vehicle, and provide an honest price.

The Pick-Up:

We are your reliable auto salvage company. The pick up process is simple:
  • We come to your designated location.
  • We ensure your vehicle is as described and ready for pick up.

  • You then receive the previously agreed upon amount for you car.
  • Then we hook the vehicle to our truck and tow it away.
1. Must have the vehicle Title. (No exceptions!)
2. Vehicle must be intact with nothing removed (Fenders, hood, transmission,motor, exhaust, Cat converter, both front or back tires that hold air, doors, trunk lid, interior.)
3. We'll make an offer based on type and age of vehicle.
4. We schedule pick up time.
5. Title owner or legal representative must be present at time of removal.
6. We will have you sign and we will notarize your title to the scrap yard at time of pick up.
7. You are paid Cash!.

Note: We are not a towing company, our tow trucks are only used to move your salvaged vehicle.
Why you should trust your junk vehicle to a Licensed Salvor:
1. Our responsibility is to see that the vehicle is properly scrapped with a scrap yard, so the title is sent to the State as a salvage Vehicle.
2. We will not part out your car, and leave it abandoned where the vin number on the vehicle can be traced back to the original owner.
3. You can be fined for an abandoned vehicle.
4. The person who takes your car, could sell it, without your knowledge.
5. You are responsible for the towing costs from the abandoned spot to the scrap yard/and or impound fees.
6. If we do not follow proper procedure for disposal, we face losing our salvage license.

Warrington Tire covers a broad area:

Allegheny County, Beaver County, Fayette County, Washington County, Westmoreland County
- or anywhere within a 60 mile radius of our company.

Warrington Tire is located in Pittsburgh, PA and is proud to serve the area with affordable tire and auto salvage services. Call Now for more information (412)431-4684